The City Blueprint and City Amberprint


The two parallel methodologies incorporated into the BlueSCities Software permit target users, both professional and non-professional including municipal administrations to generate a concise, clear and effective analysis of the situation concerning Water and Waste (City Blueprint) and Energy, Transport and ICT (City Amberprint) in any given town or city. The results reveal at a glance precisely where a municipality’s strong and weak points lie and can serve as the key first step in a local, regional, national or supranational strategic approach so that all stakeholders will be better equipped to create broad, long-term visions in order to plan for the sustainable urban communities of the future.

Presented in an easily-accessible format which will permit one to obtain and provide the necessary information in a logical step-by-step procedure, the BlueSCities Independent Analysis Software package produces visual results which converts it into an effective communication methodology which in turn, enables stakeholder engagement, city-to-city learning and the exchange of best practices.

The system has been tried and tested and works efficiently. It will strengthen the argument that all environmental factors must be analysed as a whole when considering the options available for urban development in the coming years.

To start working on the City Blueprint follow this link:

To start working on the City Amberprint follow this link: