The BlueSCities Newsletter: Issue 4

Welcome, to this the fouth edition of the BlueSCities newsletter. The BlueSCities project’s principal aim is to ensure that relevant stakeholders can apply practicable procedures in order to integrate water and waste within the general Smart City approaches which until now have restricted themselves to contemplating transport, energy and the application of ICT at a local or regional level. The creation of the Independent Analysis Software is a key move in order to facilitate such an integration so that an administration can envisage a far more global approach to the creation of all encompassing sustainable strategies.

In this edition of the BlueSCities newsletter, the Independent Analysis Software is introduced. Further more detailed information can be obtained on the BlueSCities website by clicking here or stakeholders can contact the BlueSCities team. As always we would welcome feedback and opinions so that we can learn from as well as guide others in the important and fascinating tasks which must be completed in order to guarantee a coherent approach to the future of urban communities.

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