The BlueSCities Newsletter: Issue 3

Welcome, to this the third edition of the BlueSCities newsletter. The BlueSCities project, which is now in its second year, is beginning to produce the final results of its efforts, introducing the necessary methodology for an effective yet straightforward integration of water and waste within the Strategic Implementation Plan of the EIP Smart Cities and Communities whilst at the same time opening new opportunities for the improved creation of citizen awareness and engagement, science-art-diplomacy and the promotion of the city as the principal instrument in answering the challenges presented by climate change.

In this issue, two highlights are the articles which explore the relationship between water and the Circular Economy and a brief description of the BlueSCities Self-Assessment Software which constitutes an important advance in a municipality’s capacity to analyse its situation regarding those factors which any local authority need to address in order to guarantee that the city in question can plan and implement an effective long-term sustainability strategy.

The BlueSCities project is a strong advocate of knowledge exchange and practical support to all the stakeholders who need to be involved in order to face the modern-day environmental challenges which confront us. Therefore, we would welcome your feedback, your opinions and your suggestions which can sent to the project coordinator.

Richard Elelman, CTM: Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic

Project Coordinator

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