Project Activities


Best-practices in urban water management - Winning by Twinning

Dubrovnik - 24th and 25th of September, 2011

Much has been said of local solutions providing the key to global issues such as granting access to clean and safe water. There are examples of successful actions where the involvement of many and varied local stakeholders through the work of municipal and regional administrations has resulted in the direct participation of numerous sectors of society in international issues. In order to provide answers to these crises, and building on the hitherto successful implementation of the EIP Water Action Group: CITY BLUEPRINTS, this workshop aims to ensure improved exchange synergies between cities that have been involved in the CITY BLUEPRINT project and cities who are new to the concept from regions such as the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, specifically, Palestine and Jordan.

In what will be a practical workshop, new Cities will be providing the input required for a practicable planning cycle at all political levels. They will, therefore, be encouraged to assess the current situation, and will be shown how to employ tools for integration and implementation, stakeholder engagement  and  international  networking  whilst  emphasising the dialogue between different levels of public administration and the different sectors engaged.

They will be introduced to the concept of the practical guidance document which will be developed and distributed to relevant stakeholders emphasising how to support municipal integration and inter-municipal cooperation. They will, with the advice and support of more experienced stakeholders develop further the policy orientation of the project, likely to influence the international agenda in the years to come with relation to water.

The activity is closely related to a set of other initiatives and relates also to the work done in collaboration with the OECD as well as feeding into the EIP Smart Cities and Communities Platform.

The Event is co-organised by the European Commission DG JRC and NETWERH2O in the context of their collaboration within the European Innovation Partnership on Water. Financial support is ensured through the JRC’s Enlargement and Integration Action (E&IA) as well as funding stemming from the HORIZON 2020 Project BLUESCITIES. The underlying concept of the City BluePrints Assessment has been developed and made available by KWR, the Watercycle Research Institute.

The organisers explicitly acknowledge in-kind support and assistance of the University of Dubrovnik as well as the Dubrovnik Neretva Region and DUNEA, its regional development agency. Special thanks are due to colleagues of DUNEA’s representation in Brussels, in particular Helena Kangjera and Hrvoje Butigan, whose support made the event possible.