How does it work?

IL_chicagoThe Steering Group meets annually to provide strategic guidance and decision making and develops recommendations to the relevant European Commissioners on policy and implementation. The Steering Group is responsible for amending the Strategic Implementation Plan, evaluating and monitoring of progress and ensuring the result driven approach of the EIP Water. The Steering Group mandates the Task Force to coordinate and disseminate the activities of the EIP Water and to recommend amendments of the SIP.

The Task Force allows stakeholder groups and enablers for water and innovation to meet and discuss the strategic agenda for water and innovation. Based on these discussions, it prepares the strategic decision making by the Steering Group. In addition, the Task Force guides the process of establishing Action Groups and provides feedback on their experiences and findings. Furthermore, the Task Force plays an important role in coordinating other EIP Water activities, in order to ensure cross-fertilization; it meets according to the need expressed by the Task Force itself.

If needed, the Task Force develops the necessary background analysis and input for decision making; to do so, it can create smaller expert groups, supported by co-opted experts. The Task Force identifies best practices and barriers to innovation, developing policy recommendations, promotion of project portfolios and dissemination strategies.

The composition of the Task Force is based on those organizations that are enablers for facilitating innovation in water and that can provide a wide representation of the relevant stakeholder groups. Members of the Task Force commit to an active contribution to the activities of the Task Force.


The role of the European Commission


The European Commission acts as a facilitator of the EIP Water, keeping oversight and driving the overall process. In addition, the European Commission provides a link with EU funding mechanisms and relevant policies, to support the activities of the EIP Water and to take recommendations into consideration. The European Commission, with support of the Task Force, selects the Action Groups that can work under the framework of the EIP Water, ensuring quality control of the content and of the process. While the stakeholders are the drivers of the activities under the EIP Water, all these activities are facilitated by the European Commission.

A Secretariat has been set up to support the various day-today activities and bodies of the EIP-Water. The Secretariat works under the supervision of the European Commission.