BlueSCities in Dubrovnik

CityBG2-PonteFor two days, Dubrovnik will play host to a number of international experts on water who together with city representatives not only from the Balkans and Eastern Europe but also Turkey and the Middle East will address one of the principal global challenges of the twenty-first century; water and how our most valuable natural resource is managed.

Organised by the Joint Research Centre (the European Commission’s science service), NETWERC H2O, The Network for Water in European Regions and Cities and the partners of the European funded project, BlueSCities, the two day workshop entitled, ‘Winning-by-Twinning’ will investigate the importance of the role of local administrations in resolving international environmental issues. In order to provide answers, and build on the hitherto successful implementation of the EIP Water Action Group: CITY BLUEPRINTS, the workshop aims to ensure improved exchange synergies between cities that have been involved in the CITY BLUEPRINT project and cities who are new to the concept. The cities will be encouraged to assess the current situation, and will be shown how to employ tools for integration and implementation, stakeholder engagement and international networking whilst emphasising the dialogue between different levels of public administration and the different sectors engaged.

The culmination of the event will be when the participants are invited to sign a joint document stating their willingness to work together in future actions. The document has been created as the DUBROVNIK DECLARATION OF INTENT and the signatories will be known as the DUBROVNIK GROUP. It is hoped that what happens in the Adriatic city this week will prove to be the beginning of an important international alliance in the issue of water.